Each and every week thousands of people across Virginia set their televisions to NBC-12 to participate in “church” through the live broadcast of the worship service of Grove Church.

The television program known as The Victory Hour has been an integral part of Grove’s overall ministry efforts for nearly 70 years. It reaches into neighborhoods, medical facilities, nursing and assisted living communities, and even into jails where it connects hearts and minds together in a live worship experience.

Over the years, many thousands have entered into a new relationship with the living God through the Bible-based preaching and teaching of The Victory Hour. The ministry regularly corresponds by phone calls, emails and letters to people across the United States and overseas who participate in this worship experience.

The ministry is the oldest of its kind in America. The first program aired on Sunday, January 13, 1952 on the eve of NBC’s Today Show. The program has been supported over six decades by 6 Pastors, 11 Ministers of Music and 3 Ministers of Media.

The ministry regularly supports Christian and civic organizations outside the church on issues of concern to believers. These issues include Home and Family, Children’s Ministry, Men’s Ministry, Women’s Ministry, Jail and Prison Ministry, Christian Apologetics, Biblical Prophecy, and relief efforts in the community, nationally and internationally.