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Episode 12 • The Books of Moses

The Bible is not a complete story of the human race, it is a story of God's redemptive purposes on the earth.

”Bible Time Broadcast” is the dynamic and anointed Bible teaching ministry of Dr. Tony Crisp. A Senior Pastor and Bible teacher for more than four decades in churches and Bible conferences in the US and overseas.  After decades of travel, study and research on site, in Israel,  Dr. Crisp is known for his historical, geographical, linguistically and cultural contextual approach to Bible study; therefore he teaches the great Story of the Bible, God’s Story of Redemption with a Prophet’s edge and Pastor’s heart. Taking complex Biblical truths and explaining them so the common man can understand. www.tonycrisp.org/

Episode 1 • The Old Testament

Dr. Crisp explains why the Old Testament is just as important as the New Testament.

Episode 2 • The Old Testament Time Periods (Pt. 1)

Dr. Tony Crisp begins teaching through the Old Testament by describing how it is put together by historical time periods.

Episode 3 • Old Testament Time Periods (Pt.2)

"Rightly dividing the Word of Truth." Dr. Crisp uses the scripture found in 2 Timothy 2:15 as a base for this study. This session continues through the ten historical time periods of the Old Testament.

Episode 4 • Old Testament Time Periods (Pt.3)

Continuing the study of the Old Testament, Dr. Crisp explains why you need the foundation of the Old Testament to understand the role and the person of the Messiah.

Episode 5 • Old Testament Time Periods (Pt.4)

In Luke 24:44-49, Jesus encouraged His disciples and helped them understand that He is mentioned throughout the Old Testament scriptures.

Episode 6 • The Mystery of the Messiah

After His resurrection, Jesus explained the mystery of the scripture to His disciples.

Episode 7 • The Most Important Thing

Is it our love for Christ that compels us? Or is it His love for us that compels us?

Episode 8 • God is the Creator

The Bible teaches we are born with an intuitive knowledge of God.

Episode 9 • The Covenant Keeping God

Genesis 1 summarizes God's creation, while chapter 2 is the story of God relating to man.

Episode 10 • The Image of God

After he disobeyed God, Adam lost everything.

Episode 11 • God is the Author

The Holy Spirit superintended the human writers of the Bible to write down the very words of God.